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Smart Dashboard

Our smart Interactive Dashboard provides you all the tools that you require to manage a business right on one Page

Real Time Information 

cTrak provideds you realtime information on your Dashboard in seconds after it happens so whether its to see what new transactions you have, or which ones are not billed, incl what has been done today while you were away can be checked right from this one single screen 

Built to use on the Go

TRAKit is based on a work flow process which targets your unproductive resources, and makes them productive.  
So whether you are in office or not, if a client calls you have the relevant information at your finger tips. 

Smart Operations

TRAKIT's unique smart operations module tells you what to do next rather than you telling a system what to do 

Get Data on Demand without  even picking up a phone to call your office for an update

Our intitutive and smart reporting system provides you a visibilty of the complete shipment at a simple click of a button, anytime and place


Our system categorises processes in a manner that it prioritises manages processes in a manner never seen before 

The cost of a mistake is very expensive, our critical Alerts module color codes what is urgent and tells you what to do first, saving you time and money.

Smart Docs


Job Files

View Job files anywhere and everywhere, with our secure Document Management System 


E-Sanchit Compliance

Upload and save the IRN and DRN nos, so you can retrive it at anytime and place, as mandated by the Customs. 


CBLR & AEO Compliant

Our system is built in a manner to ensure that you are compliant under both  Customs Broking Licencing Regulations and Authorised Economic Operator Program

Smart Reports

Using reports and searches have never been easier

Custom Reports

Creating Customized reporting has never been easier, so if your clients want different reports, it can be made available at a click of a button

Auto Status Updates

No longer do you have to spend time preparing reports to email clients, with our smart reports the clients can be notified with their updates as they happen

Map Productive time

Ever wondered what goes on in your office while you are away, with cTRAK you can map exactly what happens in your office any day, everyday.